New Alabama Bass Trail Will Lure Tourists –

March 11, 2012
News Article |
Written by Michael C. Bolton

Let’s say you live in Missouri and you turn on one of those Saturday morning fishing shows. There’s Paul Elias wearing out the big bass on Lake Guntersville. You promise yourself that one day you’re going to go to Alabama and give that a try.

On another show that morning is a replay of David Walker catching big bass after big bass in winning the Dixie Duel on Wheeler Lake. The narrator mentions that Wheeler Lake is on the Tennessee River. Didn’t the narrator in the earlier show say that Lake Guntersville is also on the Tennessee River? How cool would it be to take a little vacation and go fish both lakes?

Sometimes it takes only a little prodding for someone to give a dream a try. You lay out the logistics and tell him exactly how it can be done and it’s as if you caught him with a treble hook. That’s why the new Alabama Bass Trail is going to be a really big deal.

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