Mike Gerry: Points on the Backside Channel

October 16, 2012
Guide Article

If I could give an angler a tip in the fall of the year it would be the grass points and the backside of the channel. These two areas seem to hold fish as we progress into the fall of the year. Combine the two of them; find a point of grass on the backside of the channel and in the fall you generally find active fish. Put some visible cover like a stump or a lay down log or some scarce grass in this area and it even gets better.

The important thing to remember in the fall is that it is generally a long process of progression from the deep water and heat of the summer to the backs of the coves and there intense feeding before winter. This allows you as an angler to fish these transition areas on the backside of the channel for several weeks. The other important issue here is that the landscape is changing daily, creating areas for you to fish just about daily.

You might fish an area one day and find points in one area go back a day or so later and it could all be gone or changed drastically by the dying of the grass or the movement of some floating debris. This constant change caused by the grass dying is constantly giving you more places to fish as the bass will move to the new formations fairly quickly. One key to look for is as always on Guntersville or any lake is the baitfish; as new areas become evident look to see if the bait fish are present.

There is many ways to fish these changing areas but I like to work Assassinator buzz baits across the points; I approach it from several angles until I get a bite or move on. The buzz bait becomes your ideal search bait in the fall, it’s hard for the bass to resist it and it covers plenty of ground. Back side points, combined with visible structure and fishing buzz baits, used to search for bites and you are catching fish!

Captain Mike Gerry
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