HydroWave Named A Supporting Partner of the Alabama Bass Trail

January 14, 2014

HydrowaveDecatur, Ala. – HydroWave, a fishing electronics company, has been named a supporting sponsor of the Alabama Bass Trail. As part of the sponsorship, the company will supply a HydroWave™ to one angler at every Alabama Bass Trail tournament in 2014 and will award a $250 bonus to the winning angler if the boat is equipped with a HydroWave unit during the tournament.

The HydroWave™ is a patented electronic sound device that emits the natural sounds of baitfish and predatory fish feeding on them. Together the sounds produce an instinctive response in nearby predatory fish such as largemouth bass that can hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of the wound waves in the water. By doing so, the fish are drawn in the direction of the device eager to strike any bait it finds. When used on a boat, the device is intended to give fishermen a considerable advantage in catching a greater number of “keeper” fish.

“We are very excited about our involvement with the Alabama Bass Trail and have a great appreciation for how big this will be for the State of Alabama. To be at the forefront of something of this magnitude and understanding the future of the Alabama Bass Trail make it a perfect fit for HydroWave,” said HydroWave Managing Partner Gene Eisenmann.

The Alabama Bass Trail Tournament Series, which gets underway February 1, 2014, is a 10 lake team-style tournament series that will be held on ten of the lakes of the Alabama Bass Trail with the championship tournament taking place on the 11th lake. One angler at every tournament will receive a complimentary HydroWave™ freshwater unit. In addition, if the winning angler fished from a boat equipped with a HydroWave unit, HydroWave will present the winner with a $250 bonus.

“Partnerships like this give us the opportunity to bring the latest technology to our anglers and we are thrilled to be able to reward one of our anglers at each tournament with a HydroWave unit,” said Kay Donaldson, program director for the Alabama Bass Trail.

HydroWave is the brainchild of successful Dallas businessman and competitive bass angler Gene Eisenmann. He introduced the concept to Robert Palmer, an engineer with an extensive background in electronic product engineering and development, and owner of RHP Industries located in Aubrey, Texas. For more information, visit

For more information on the Alabama Bass Trail and the new Tournament Series, call Kay Donaldson at 1-855-9FISHAL or visit