Great New Contingency Program for Alabama Bass Trail Anglers

March 29, 2016
ABT Tournament Series News

Crossed Industries Crossed Cash Bonus Program

UntitledThe “CROSSED CASH” program will reward the top finishing Team who has previously purchased $50 (Get yourself a Crossed Hoodie and a Decal!) or more from Crossed Industries with $200 in Gift Certificates. Each team member will receive a $100 certificate to use on the Crossed Industries Website.

Here is how you qualify:

  • At least one member of the team must have previously purchased a minimum of $50.00 worth of product from the Crossed Industries website.
  • At least one member of the team must have completed the Crossed Industries online sponsorship application.
  • The winning team must finish in the top 30 places.
  • If no top 30 team qualifies, the money will carry over to the next event!
  • If no top 30 team qualifies in the final regular season event, the money will go to the highest finishing team in the championship that has purchased $50 or more from Crossed Industries.

Tips for the program: 

  • Everyone should take the time to fill out the online sponsorship application.
  • One-time unique gift cards will be available for each angler.   Please take advantage of them.
  • When you register for sponsorship and make your first purchase, we will send you some decals for your truck and boat.   We certainly would appreciate the support.


  • Crossed Industries will review the results against our customer base and the gift certificates will be presented at the next tournament or mailed within 48 hours of the tournament if the winner requests by emailing us the address at

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