Alabama Bass Guide: Late Guntersville Frog Fishing

November 10, 2015
guntersville bass guide

Late Guntersville Frog Fishing

Alabama Bass Guide


This report for Guntersville is for the past 4 trips I have had. Ive been traveling between Pickwick, Wheeler, and Guntersville. Trying to take today to get some much needed reports out!

The frogging, flipping, swimbait, and spinnerbait bite is still going on. The frogging is still fun on Guntersville. Some days you will have 20 blow ups and catch 5 fish, and others you will catch 15 of those 20 blow ups. Most of your traditional grass mats have been long uprooted from the main river with the rains over the past two weeks. A lot of the best frog fishing comes from unsuspecting areas. Any area with a canopy is a potential target. MOST bites come while the frog sits dead still. Its a grind, but if you only take a frog rod and stick with it all day you will have success. Pick up a flipping stick and probe the mat with an ounce weight and your favorite beaver style bait.

Since the main grass mats have been ate away by wind, rain, and current. Take a tightlines swimjig with a true bass swimbait as a trailer and reel it through all the scattered hydrilla and milfoil that is remaining and hold on. You can do the same thing with just rigging the true bass weedless on a 4/0 hook with a 1/4 ounce weight. Favorite colors are ICU, 99 Problems, Hot Sauce, and Turbo right now.

Of course the Alabama Rig bite is heating up on the lake. My favorite colored True Bass swimbait for clearer water is Cream Pie. It has a dark back, translucent sides, and blue silver glimmer. Dip the tails in chartreuse 🙂

I have days available starting Tuesday November 17.

Lets go fishin’!

Capt Ryan Salzman aka Salzy