Wayne Cox: Summertime on the Mobile Delta

Fishing the Mobile Delta in the summertime offers fishermen a variety of choices in locations and techniques.  There is always a good bite going on in the shallow waters of the Lower Delta.  Utilizing spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics and jigs around bank grass and eel grass beds in the shallow bays and creeks can be productive.  The points and creek mouths are the best places to hit during the moving tide, the fish will tend to load up in these areas.  Traveling up the Tensaw or Mobile Rivers offers many creek mouths and laydown areas to fish.  Look for moving water and pay close attention to eddies and current breaks that give slack water, the big largemouth will stack up in these spots.  Crankbaits and spinnerbaits can usually generate a bite all day.  When the sun gets high, flipping a jig and soft plastics into the shade of structure on the bank or lay down is also a good choice.  Colors for soft plastics should remain simple going with junebug and crawfish colors. Small creeks and drainages that have current flowing out of them will hold fish.  They will be feeding on crawfish and small shad exiting the drains.  The best baits for these areas are shad colored crankbaits and spinnerbaits.  The summertime can be a very productive time to fish the Mobile Delta.  It is not uncommon to catch both quantity and quality when conditions are right.  It’s always best to check your tides and fish the incoming and outgoing times whenever possible.

Wayne Cox

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