Wayne Cox: Lake Eufaula Summertime Tips

The typical summertime bite at Lake Eufaula starts when the water gets in the 80+ degree range. The majority of the fish will move from there springtime haunts out to the deeper water. The main key to fishing summertime on Lake Eufaula is finding the bait because the fish will be relating to the bait. A good way to start the morning is in the shallow water Lilly pad fields and weed beds that have deep water close by. Using topwater baits, like a frog or buzzbait, will target a big bite from fish that are up feeding in the shallow water.   As the sun gets up a move out to the creek and river ledges tends to be most productive.  Ledges in the 10 – 20 feet range is usually the best. Look for humps with deep sides and top out at around 6-8 feet. Scan these areas looking for structure on the bottom such as tree stumps and also for schools of bait. Start out on the down current side and cast up into the current with a swimbait or deep diving crankbait like a DD22 or a Strike King 6XD in a shad pattern or a chartreuse blue back.  If there is a lack of current go to a football jig or soft plastics rigged on a C-rig, or Texas rig. The key to this tactic is fishing slow and covering the spot thoroughly until you get bit and then duplicate the cast in an attempt to get the school fired up. Cover a lot of water until you find an active school or are able to fire a school up. When a school is located either with electronics or fishing, mark the spot and try coming back to it throughout the day. Look for these techniques to be most productive throughout the hot summer days on Lake Eufaula.

Wayne Cox

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