The Variety of Worm Presentations

It is worm time of year and no bait offers so many different presentations as does fishing a worm; you can fish it so many different ways that you never get board. In fact I believe that a lot of today’s new baits were born out of the many different ways a worm has been fished over time.

If you go back to some of the original worm fisherman, they slow rolled the bait over grass for years and years. They would tell you if you think your fishing it slow go slower, hence the development of the swim bait. Next the bait was dragged over stumps with a parallel movement of the rod, that dragging and side pull presentation developed what we call today fishing a Carolina rigged worm. The old timers would have two rods one in each hand pulling a heavy 1 oz. Carolina rig over deep creeks out of each side of their boat, the old timers called this pulling a ball and chain over deep structure.

Today’s fisherman keeps a high rod tip bounces, shakes and drops a worm as he fishes it back to the boat. The up and down movement creates strikes on the drop or when you shake it and it has become deadly around grass edges. The presentation catches big fish; it is a tournament winning technique one that fishing ledges and understanding angles can really be productive.

Worm fishing has taken many new turns over so many years with soft plastics being the general term for the many types of plastics sold on the market. Worm fishing can mean fishing a small four inch worm, a big twelve inch, a paddle tale worm or a big ribbon tale worm. I can go on and on about all the different types from lizards to creature baits, they are all considered worm fishing and can be fished many ways. The key is if you like worm fishing you have so many types and presentations that you are only limited by your own imagination; don’t be myopic be creative.

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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