Speed and Fall Fishing

If there was ever a time of year to think about the retrieve speed the fall is it! Retrieve speed is a deadly attraction and the problem is most fisherman forget to make it part of their fall fishing presentation; it can be deadly but many of us go to the lake and forget to use speed as an attractor especially with crank baits.

Many of today’s newest technology in reels and hard baits were designed for a reason and that is so you can burn the bait and during the fall of the year it is a great way to put some big fish in the boat. Reels are now made and available with 7 to 1 retrieve speeds; this design was not by accident, it is part of the presentations the pros use to put that big sack of fish in the boat.

I often ask my clients to watch their bait and many times when they do, they observe bass chasing the bait the last 10 ft. of the retrieve. The question I ask is why this occurs the last 10 ft. the answer is simple, when most anglers see their bait is out of what they consider the strike zone; they burn it back to the boat. The result is when you look down and your burning your bait to make the next cast, the bass are reacting to the bait burning back from to the boat. Simple but true and crank baits especially square bills can be burned over grass, around stumps and rocks and lay downs and catch you a big sack of fish.

The difference in intentionally burning your bait and doing it by accident is big, as fast retrieves are work and wear most fishermen out. You also have to be very aware of when to stop it or change the fast retrieve and when to rip it in a stroking technique. All these are part of burning crank baits, and you can develop these skills very easily by just “doing it.”

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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