Some Summer Time Fishing Tips

Some of the toughest days of fishing are ahead of us as we see the water temperature sore close to 90 degrees. There are some things that I like to do when the heat becomes nearly unbearable during the heat of the summer; and there are some things that we should all be aware of when it comes to summer time fishing.

The first thing is to put in your memory bank that when the grass mats over, the water temperature can be 10 or more degrees cooler under the grass mats. That means the thick matted grass holds fish underneath it, as bass will search for cooler water. It must also be noted that the bass will not feed much in the bright sun so you must find ways to find shade like under boat houses or the shady banks in the early part of the day. Sometimes hanging trees or lay downs offer shade; find the shady side of the lay downs as that is where the fish will be. The most common tip is that bass generally go deep in the heat of the summer, and the deep crank bait bite certainly improves your chances at catching big fish.

A few presentations that I like to do and presentations that yield good results starts first with flipping the mats with a heavy jig or tube; look for the openings in the grass and target them. Current plays a big part in mat fishing so look for the swifter side of the mat for best results. Ledge fishing during the heat of the day also yields great results, but remember not all the ledges are created equal; scan the ledges you are targeting for wood as the bass will migrate to the wood in the deep water to hide from the sun. A football jig or Punisher Hail-Mary is the ideal bait to target these deep stumpy areas; get them to the bottom and hold on for the big bite is coming. Summer time fishing just requires a little knowledge to be put to work for best results.

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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