Size Does Matter, Going Small Anyone

After a busy spring on the lake, many tournaments have just pushed the fish with big baits as anglers look for that winning sack; I submit that you downsize and fish a small grub and watch the numbers of fish you catch increase substantially. The bass are beat up, the Alabama rig has crossed their path hundreds of times; they have been caught on big profile baits all spring and now it is time to downsize. The fish are also recovering from the spawn, they are slow and need an easy meal; until they heal up and get some strength back size will matter. Except this time of year the size needs to be small and nothing works better than a wavy tail small grub.

Fish a small 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch grub on a 1/32 oz. weight work it many different ways; roll it back to you slowly, stop it and drop it or speed reel it back and you will catch fish. The bass are big bait shy and now is the time to change up and go small. The small wavy tail of a grub one to two inches long becomes irresistible to a bass that is beat up from all the pressure of tournaments and big baits.

I also like to use different colors when I go small, white is a great color for a grub as well as a pepper black silver, or even chartreuse with a gold flake in it. The bright colors are flashy, combine that with some great tail action that a grub is known for and you have a fish catching machine. Take your small grub right back to the areas you have been fishing, the same drops or humps and grass lines and you will load the boat.

Lastly a grub is a bait that needs to be fished with patience, be aware of your presentation; small baits generally get fished to fast. Make your presentation work for you, if you fish it to0 fast it will never get to the bottom and that is where the strike zone will be.

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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