Randy Howell: Summer on Logan Martin Lake

Logan Martin is a great summer time fishing lake! I still believe that it could be the best kept secret for big spotted bass in the state. The largemouth fishing is so good that the spotted bass get overlooked sometimes.

The lake is at full pool after late April and that puts lots of good shoreline weeds in 2-3 ft of water which draws lots of good fish.

I like to chase the largemouth bite early around the water willow weeds with a popping type frog or a swim-jig. The bass that are in the shallows in the summer months are there to eat Bream, so try to mimic bluegill colors with your baits. Search for bream bedding areas in the creeks and coves and you’ll catch some good ones early morning and late afternoon.

Once it gets hot the largemouth get slow, but that’s when I like to chase the Spotted bass. If you like boat dock fishing, Logan Martin has thousands of them and they can all hold fish in the shade. I like to skip my bream colored rattle-back jigs underneath the docks in the mid-lake area where the water still has some color to it. You can catch big spots and largemouth on the shallow docks in the major creeks on the lake.

The shakey head worm is still the biggest producer of spotted bass and you can find them anywhere on the lake from 5-20 feet. Spotted bass still prefer some current so concentrate on main lake points with rock. With today’s electronics, you can idle around with side scan and find rocky bottoms on these points and where there’s rock there’ll be spotted bass.

Green pumpkin finesse worms and Senkos are still my favorite baits for spots. If the water is running good at the dams, they’ll also bite a deep diving crankbait like a Livingston DM 20 in citrus sparkle or Chartreuse/blue.

Good luck, good fishing and God bless!
Randy Howell

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