Randy Howell: Summer on Lay Lake

Lay Lake is another great Coosa River impoundment that has a lot of diversity.

You can really pick the style of fishing you want to do and somewhere on Lay Lake, it’s gonna work.

Summer fishing on the Lower part of Lay is still great in the shallows. Lots of the pockets are full of the black slop that hold big largemouth. It’s so nasty that most people are afraid to fish it, but it can be awesome if you throw a black frog into the thickest mats you see. They’ll bust through it and eat a frog on the brightest sunny days!!

There’s also plenty of water willow grass mats that you can catch fish by flipping into with a one ounce tungsten weight and plastics. My favorite is the Yamamoto Flappin-Hawg in bama bug color.

If you’re a deep fishermen and you’d rather fish off-shore, Lay has plenty of big spotted bass in the 8-15 foot range that’ll bite Carolina rigged finesse worms and shakey heads all day long.

Main lake points and humps with rock close to deep water are best. This pattern is much better if the dams are running water for electricity. You can call 1-800-lakes11 to get an up to date water generation schedule for Logan Martin dam and Lay dam.

Lay also has a great river type fishery up close to the Logan Martin dam. I like chasing the schooling spots around in the river current with shallow Livingston crankbaits and topwaters for this action. You can catch lots of small fish up there and occasionally you’ll get a big one too.

Don’t let the hot weather stop you from going to Lay, those fish aren’t scared to bite in super shallow water all summer long!

Good luck, good fishing and God bless!
Randy Howell

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