Randy Howell: Summer Logan Martin Lake Report

Logan Martin lake has hundreds of boat docks along the shorelines that serve as hiding places for big spotted bass and largemouth. Some days can be tough in the summer but I’ve found that if I move fast and fish as many docks as possible, I’ll still catch some good quality fish.

My bait of choice for skipping under these docks is a 3/8 ounce rattle back jig with a Yamamoto twin tail trailer in a natural green pumpkin and blue combination. This best mimics the bluegills that the bass are feeding on around these structures.
Logan Martin is also a good off-shore lake with lots of humps and points with man made brush that hold the big spotted bass. Carolina rigs and football jigs will catch these fish consistently, but this pattern is much better when the water is running at the dam, so be sure to call 1-800-Lakes11 to get the hourly generation schedule from the AL power reservoir information line.

Both ends of Logan Martin can be productive in the summer, but the lower end is usually more consistent for me.

Randy Howell
Bassmaster Elite Series Angler

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