Randy Howell: Summer Lay Lake Report

Lay lake has a great variety of fishing patterns available to anglers in the summer months that are all productive. For the shallow angler, Lay offers a lot of shoreline weeds called water willow which help hide lots of big largemouth when the suns beating down on the water. Flipping the thickest parts of these weeds can be the way to catch some big heads in the summer. First I  prefer using a stiff Daiwa flipping rod and 70lb Daiwa braid with a one ounce tungsten weight and a Yamamoto flapping hog as my bait of choice. I like to target the thickest matted weed beds in the creeks near the Lay dam area. A frog can also be productive around the black slime and moss surrounding some of these weed beds, so try that as well.

If you want to catch spotted bass, turn your Triton around and run up river to the Logan Martin dam and you can find lots of them schooling in the Summer around current breaks in the main river. Current flow is the key for the spots, so be sure to call the AL power reservoir information line to hear the generation schedule that is free and updated by the hour at 1-800-Lakes11.

Topwater walking baits and shallow crank baits work well for the feeding spots up river, as well as the old reliable shaky head worm.

Randy Howell
Bassmaster Elite Series Angler

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