Mike Gerry: The Lakes Are Crowded & We Must Overcome

Today’s fisherman faces a multitude of difficult conditions and nothing becomes more important than learning to fish what has become crowds of people trying to enjoy the same place on the lake as you! It doesn’t matter if its April or November there are more people on the lakes every day and the numbers are growing. The real question is what you can do to catch fish that are under such constant pressure as we are seeing today. I am not sure there is a fool proof solution but there are some things I believe in.

If you’re the fisherman that likes to fish the same area of the lake every time you fish because it is convenient and easy access for you then you are in trouble. The reason being is if it is easy for you than it is easy for everyone else and you are probably fishing community holes with all the other folks looking for the same easy bite. The best thing I can tell you is it is time to find new areas of the lake that may not have the easy access you want but it is also not getting the pressure either. Move off the community holes and find new places away from the pressure.

The next thing I try to do is keep my options open for different and new baits, for example everyone for years have been working crank baits that make rattle noises. Last year I moved to crank baits that did not rattle and found them very successful in catching fish when the bite seemed tough for others. Subtle but a change, and it worked to give the bass a little different look and it was successful. Another option for me was color; how many people do you know throw a white spinner bait, well I throw a watermelon with red blade spinner bait, it catches fish, and when most people can’t get a bite, I do!

Move to new areas, be different in color, sound, size and technique and see if I am not correct!

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
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