Mike Gerry: Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/25/13

This past week has set records for one of the most productive weeks I have ever seen or been part of; the bass are grouping up and when you find them it is just a blast. Fishing days of over 100 fish could have been the norm this past week, all you needed was a couple of good enough fisherman and you could sit on a spot and catch fish for hours at a time. Yes it did take some fishing skills to accomplish this, you had to be skilled in deep water fishing but that opportunity was there every day.

With all things possible this past week most of the week it was about the Spro DD 70 series crank bait, we did catch fish on worms, D-bombs and jigs but the schooling fish were hitting deep running crank baits.

Another interesting point is we have less grass than we had at this point in many years I think this is exposing the bass in groups and they have been easier to find than when the grass was already high in past years.

Captain Mike Gerry
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