Mike Gerry: Early March on Lake Guntersville

We are starting to see some in-between staging of the fish this week; they are showing signs of moving up in groups but still a lot of suspending going on around the drops. What this means is to the guy trying to catch a fish is we need about 57 degree water and we should see a big push to the shallows for the spawn, and this month’s full might also push them up. If the weatherman is correct the push could come before the end of this weekend and really turn the fish on. We’ll have to see!

This past week had some good and bad, when the fish moved the bite was strong and the size of the fish was great; but they seemed to be on a mid to late day feeding so you spent plenty of time searching before you got on the fish! Then the bite seemed to last about two hours then it went away. Missing a bite was not good for your numbers for sure!

We had some great results most days but the bite was only for a short period of time! We fished Tight-Line jigs, Spro rattle baits, jerk baits and Missile Baits D-bombs these produced most of the bites. Most of our trips averaged between 10 and 15 fish, with one exception and sacks of five between 16 and 20 lbs.

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
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