Leon Knight: Fishing Lake Guntersville in Spring

March is here and spring time bass fishing on Guntersville is here as well! With a mild winter and warmer temps the bass have went into prespawn mode in February. With big fish biting and weights of 30+ pounds have been the rule to win tournaments.

Water temps have been warming up to 60+ degrees in some areas of the lake. With a full moon approaching, you can expect the first wave of bass to make their way to the warmer shallows to perform their annual spawning rituals. You want to target the warmer water with grass and hard bottom available.

As for bait selection the Alabama rig has been the #1 lure of choice, it’s simply unbelievable the amount of quality fish I have been catching on it. As the fish move shallower I will begin to target shallow grass with the ½ to ¾ oz. XCalibur Rattle Bait in shad and crawfish colors. Spring is also my favorite time to swim a 3/8 oz Stanley Swim Max Jig in sexy shad color and black and blue. One thing to remember and make your day on the water more productive is to keep moving if you’re not getting bit, these Guntersville bass will let you know if you’re around them. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for big bass on the bed as well. Get a good pair of quality polarized sun glasses. I use Typhoon and Gone Fishing Polarized optics with a brown lens and yellow lens for lower light conditions.

There are so many productive areas to fish on Lake Guntersville it really hard to give specific areas that are better than another. Guntersville is a place where tournaments can literally be won in any part of the lake; it’s that awesome of a fishery. Some of the more popular areas to try are Alred’s, North and South Sauty Creeks, Seabold, Browns, and Mud creeks. Just remember in the spring it’s never too shallow for big Lake Guntersville bass.

Leon Knight
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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