Largemouth Bass

The Official “Alabama State Freshwater Fish” Other names: bigmouth bass, bucketmouth bass, openmouth bass, hog, hawg, lineside, bigmouth trout, green trout, pond trout, lake trout, chub, greenbass, Oswego bass, and Welshman¹ Characteristics: The largemouth bass is a heavy-bodied fish with … Continue reading

Smallmouth Bass

If you’re looking for the thrill of a tough top-water fight, go for the smallmouth bass. Other Names: brown bass, browny, bronzeback, green trout, trout, river bass, redeye, jumper¹ Characteristics: The dorsal fin on the smallmouth bass is distinctly separated … Continue reading

Spotted Bass

These scrappy little fish with bright orange eyes love rocky shorelines and coves. Although they rarely exceed three or four pounds, spots will put up a fight just like a little largemouth. Other Names: Kentucky bass, linesides1, spots, and Alabama … Continue reading

White Bass

The spring spawning run is an ideal time to catch big white bass. Other Names: stripe, striped bass, sand bass, barfish, rockfish, gray bass, and silver bass¹ Characteristics: At first glance, white bass resemble small striped bass with faint lateral … Continue reading

Striped Bass

In Alabama, striped bass angling is best during cool months and in tailwaters of locks and dams and also in Lewis Smith and Logan Martin Lakes. Favorite baits include live gizzard shad, white or yellow jigs, and spoon lures. Other … Continue reading

Yellow Bass

Other Names: barfish, brassy bass, stripe, striped bass, streaker, sand bass, rockfish, and striped jack¹ Characteristics: The yellow bass is named for its characteristic yellowish gold body and eye. The tongue lacks the distinctive tooth patch found on other members … Continue reading