Spawn Is On

Report Date: April 15, 2016  |  Lake: Lake Jordan

Overall Rating
Medium Visibility
60-70° F

John Pollard Guide Service Lake Jordan Report. Contact info John Pollard,

Water Temp 65, Water Clair-stained. The Spotted Bass Spawn is on. Catching spotted bass around the bank in good numbers on shakey head worms. The spots have moved to the bank and its the time of year when all you have to do is fish slow and fish shallow. I like to target pea gravel flats with a Bass Pro Shops Floating worm (watermelon with tail dipped in chartreuse die) on a 1/4oz Bass Pro Shops Shakey head. I drag the worm really slow keeping it on the bottom. You cant see the beds with the stain on the water so you have fish slow. Sometimes they will just move your worm and don’t get the bait all the way to the hook. If that’s happening, I’ll shorten the worm down to about 4″. For fun fishing you cant beat a medium heavy spinning rod like a Powell MAX 3D 713MEF spooled with 8lb XPS fluorocarbon. This setup gets me the most bites for my clients and is plenty of rod to handle these mean spots as long as you keep them away from cover. For tournament applications or for flats with docks near by, I use a Powell Inferno 703CEF with a 7.1-1 Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Reel spooled with XPS 15lb Fluorocarbon line. You don’t get quite as many bites with the heavier line but you got more power and reel speed to catch up the fish and get them to the boat. As the month goes on and the spawn starts winding down on the south end of the lake I’ll start heading up the river within a couple miles of Mitchell Dam and fish bluff river bank with the same setup. The last Spots to spawn are usually up river. Toward the end of May the shad spawn will start and you can catch fish early in the morning on Spinnerbaits and top water plugs where the shad are active. Find the Shad and you’ll find the bass. 

The Largemouth spawn is just about over now. Target them in grass beds and docks close to spawning flats with spinnerbaits and soft Texas rigged plastics.

Crappie Spawn is also about over and they are starting to make their way back out to brush piles in 8-12ft of water close to their spawning pockets. As the month goes on and the water temp rises they will head out to brush piles in the 15′ range on points and humps close to the main creek and lake channels. Target them with small minnows and shad pattern small grubs. We have a few openings left in May for Bass or Crappie or both.