Lake Guntersville Fishing Report: Guntersville Bass Guides

Report Date: September 10, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
Medium Visibility
80-90° F

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How about it? The Lake is well GOOD ONE DAY and not so good the next.

All I can say is cover a lot of water. But you can fish right over the bass if you don’t have the bait they are wanting to eat, and what do they want to eat? Great question….One day is a big C Mac worm and the next is a 4×4 Heavy Hitter Jig. Thats an all day quest with those two baits, now in the morning can be fun with a little top water action with toad style bait like a ribbit or a good ol buzz bait till the sun gets up and bright. Then its time to slow down and cover water looking for the big ones.

This time of year on Lake Guntersville can be very trying. Your mental mindset has to be open and not get stuck doing the same thing that we did 3 weeks ago or even 1 day ago, remember the fish are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing and we just have to figure it out for that day, the fish are going to eat everyday its up to us to figure out what they want..

If you missed it the big news on September 2nd Pat Gillian is the winner of the fishing trip and Under Armour clothing and gifts from our sponsors. When Pat gets the date picked out we will share it with you all and then post some pics of the Trip.

October is about full have some days open call to get your date booked.


Capt. Jim