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Report Date: July 13, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

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High Visibility
80-90° F

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Lake Guntersville has thrown a few loops to the fishing game once again this past week. How’s this …….. Spawning Bass yep we discovered that we was dealing with a late or 2nd spawn of the year with bloody tails, laid on a bed, some fry guarders, and ruined white shirt knew I was pretty sure of it. After learning this the fishing became pretty easy rest of the week it was just following them out the where they wanted to do their post spawn. Our baits for the week only changed a little from last week but the area as in depth changed a bunch, NetBait C-Mac Worms in the grass on a 1/4 oz weight in 6-8 feet of water swimming it and a 4×4 Bass Jig Swim Jig in the same water depth did the trick most days, now on the the other days when it seemed they just up and left we headed to the nearby ledge and threw a 4×4 Kevin Hawk Signature Football Jig with a NetBait Paca Craw (stuck with green pumpkin on everything) and put some big uns in the boat. It Happens fast

Water temp was hanging around 83 degrees then with this heat the last few days I seen 91 degrees during a evening trip.. HOT. Hot Hot,, the grass is in great shape shad are getting in some grass areas pretty good and that will lead to some great grass fishing real soon.. Took Mike & his daughter fishing for a Daddy Daughter Fishing Adventure 1st of many! If you don’t know Mike he is the owner of BoneYard BBQ in Guntersville beside the Piggly Wiggly awesome food go try some.

The Hat











All the way from Iowa

Bass Fishing Is a lot of fun this time of year its fast and

furious at times or its steady by hitting plenty of stops in a 

day to get the bites. Froggin is just around the corner don’t 

miss out. And this fall calendar is filling up don’t miss your 

chance to reel in some Big Ole Donkeys.

I have days open to fish with you!

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Capt. Jim Leary