Lake Guntersville Fishing Report: Guntersville Bass Guides

Report Date: April 26, 2016  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
High Visibility
60-70° F

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As we come to the end of April I can only think about the grass topping out and big schools of bass getting buried up in it and them thumping a jig… But we are still dealing with a lot of fishing pressure and a shad spawn that most of the bass have no clue its happening, each morning we have been fishing shallow grass points with 4×4 swim jigs with little spankys on the back to catch some bass that are feeding up on some shad then as it gets later in the morning we back out a little and keep fishing the moving baits till we stop getting bites then we slow way down and drag a lizard or b bug it all depends on the mood of the bass. This bite will not last much longer so be ready for the bass to make yet another change in what they are doing..

We had a corp trip early in the week and it was one of the best days ive seen on the lake all year. We put the hammer down on them.. When I say it was like old times it was exactly like the old times I was able to run to areas that looked alike and pull up and my customers would just go to catching them and we would pick up and go somewhere else and repeat..

And I am glad we took advantage of them acting normal because the rest of the week it was back to grinding on them and working to get a bite….


We did manage these two on our last day of our trip.. we lost 2 just like these (hate to even write it ) but it happen.

Have a few days open in May and more in June if ledge fishing is on your to do list then give me a call so we can go out and catch some in June.

Capt. Jim