Lake Guntersville Fishing Report: Guntersville Bass Guides

Report Date: January 5, 2016  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
Low Visibility
50-60° F

Happy New Year ABT
Hope its going well for you all.

Guntersville is slowly clearing up after all the rain that came on Christmas day and the bass are reacting to it pretty well. I was lucky to miss all the rain and got to do some small mouth fishing on Lake Erie and it was pretty good. See Below.

Small mouth fishing with Steve in Ohio. I think we caught 27 of them and that was just in the morning.
Lake Guntersville:


Started the year off with a 4th place finish in a little tournament out of Browns creek on New Years Day, Did not have a monster sack but 17 pounds of bass help keep me warm on the chilly day, with a 6.20 Large Mouth, 3rd and 2nd also had 17 it was ounces between us and 1st had little over 22.  It was a grind for me the water had cleared some but not to what I like but it is fishing I went out and pre-fished a couple days and could not get a bite or less I was around some rocks. The Lake was trashed, channel markers were in the middle of the river along with trees some had massive amounts of grass covering them up. I took a trip on New Years Eve and it lasted 3 hours and everyone was cold the weather man told a fib on how warm it was to be and no one dressed for how cold it really was , we did manage one small bass.

Tournament day went like this 5 bites, 5 different spots, 4 different lures. 3 off rocks 2 out of the grass. And since Friday the lake has cleared up even more and the bass have started to feed now that they can see a little better.

To see what baits I used please go HERE

Water temp 56-59



 Thats a narrow channel

Check this link out. Its a look inside BassMaster Elite Angler Boyd Duckett’s House and you might recognize a certain PUP in the video.

This picture of Gabby and Belle was back in the summer of 2010  Gabby passed away 2 years ago today she was my 1st fishing pup .

Wishing everyone a Great 2016

Capt. Jim