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Report Date: April 24, 2017  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

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Lake Guntersville –

April Fishing Report & Shad Spawn

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Catching up on several reports for April. Had the pleasure of fishing with John and his Dad for 3 days and we had a blast! He is one heck of a stick… We had a bonaifde 8-9lb get off at the net. Caught several big fish on the new True Bass Swimbaits 5.5 inch “Perfect Head”. Best bait after that is no doubt dragging soft plastics.

The infamous D-Bomb will put them in the boat. Not even sponsored by them, but they work. GP Flash and Super BUG. Peg it on a 1/4 ounce weight. Drag super slow. Fish will still pull up to bed through the beginning of May so if you are lost this is a go to! 3rd best and all around numbers catcher is the Senko! Any type of dinger or Senko will do. Weightless or light 1/8 ounce.

A lot of fish are guarding FRY right now. This slow fall through the fry will get you the bites.

Got to do an electronics trip and tournament patterning trip with a talented high school angler. Definitely learned a ton and taught them how to utilize throwing the True Bass Swimbaits in tandom with their Lowrance electronics. Saving time on the water is a Crucial factor when tournament fishing and practicing. Even when fun fishing who doesn’t want to be around the fish?!!

Guntersville is chocked full of grass this year. Part of some tough fishing is there is so much of grass its like hunting a needle in a haystack. Just like in the fall when there is miles of matted grass. Now there are miles of eel grass coupled with coontail, milfoil, and hydrilla. Come learn how to narrow down your search!

Had a short 6 hour trip in this post too. They were on their way to the beach, and wanted to learn how to drag soft plastics for bass and how to throw a frog. They were super excited to take these techniques back up north! Definitely a successful trip.

This will wrap up the series of reports. I’m now caught up. I’ll do my best to post regularly for you guys! The shallow bite continues for us on Lake Guntersville. However there is definitely a shad spawn going on, and this past weekend I know of 30-60 fish days being had on the new True Bass Swimbaits color CITRON… 4.5 and 5.5. No lie. They’re choking it. Throw it on the True Lock Swimbait head in 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce. The way to spot a shad spawn is when you see bait fish tailing your swimbaits, worms, or spinnerbaits in to the boat. ALSO they will be on the surface rubbing early in the morning. Sometimes they will do it in bright sunny, but mostly it will happen longer in the morning if it is cloudy.

I have days available this week if you want to get out there and sling a swimbait around at them! Should be able to start running multiple patterns around the lake. This is my favorite time of year, so lets go fishing!

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