Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: July 10, 2017  |  Lake: Lake Eufaula

Overall Rating
High Visibility
80-90° F
Water level                 189.22 msl
Water temperature     mid 80’s
Water clarity               slight stain to clear
With the river still up, the bass are  holding under the pads and grass patches near shore. The early morning top water bite is exciting. Hollow body frogs thrown deep into the cover and worked out slow is getting a good bite. Top water baits worked just outside the cover is a great choice as well. When this bite slows, we are throwing a heave Texas rigged blue sapphire Strike Zone Meat stick back in the cover and working it our really slow. The fish we are catching are quality bass. The deeper fish are hitting big worms on a heavy Texas rig’s and Carolina rig’s worked up or down the ledge near trash piles.
Crappie are on the deeper structure, vertical jigging tipped with a minnow are getting a mess to eat.
The bream are under the cover with the bass. Live bait worked on the edges is working. Beetle spin’s in black and chartreuse on the outer edges are working too.
Shell crackers are bedding on the flats near creek mouths. Red worms on the bottom are the trick.
Cat fish are hitting jugs really well. Cut bait on the bottom are getting a good mess too.
Be sure and keep plenty of water with you, the hot sun will leave you dehydrated in a hurry. Watch the sky line for storms. If you hear thunder, you are in range to he struck by lightning. Be safe and enjoy your  time on the lake.
God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam
Lake Eufaula, Alabama