Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: June 11, 2017  |  Lake: Lake Eufaula

Overall Rating
High Visibility
80-90° F

Water Level           190.28 msl
water temperature     low 80’s
Water clarity         clear to very light stain

With the river over full pool, the fish remain scattered to some degree. The deeper water under all the pads and grass cover are holding good bass. Frogs, spinner and buzz baits are good choices as well as pop r’s and twitch baits on top. Jigs and Texas rigged soft plastics are really good around the cover. Punching this cover is producing some good sized bass. Big Bite Yo- Daddy’s are great on a Texas rig or Jig. The deeper fish, around trash piles and ledge structure are hitting big plastics on Texas rig’s and heavy jigs.

The bluegills are on the flats now and the war mouth are staged along the heavy grass and pad cover.

Crappie are starting to get around the deeper cover now. Jigging will get a good cooler full.

Catfish are always fun and willing to eat. Creeks are a good place to put out some jugs baited with cut bait.

The day’s are warming up so keep plenty of water and sunscreen. Watch out for the afternoon storms. Evening fishing is always great as the day cools off and the fish become active again.

God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt Sam Williams