Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: April 12, 2017  |  Lake: Lake Eufaula

Overall Rating
High Visibility
60-70° F

Lake level 189.39
Water temp upper 60’s
Water clarity light stain

Spring is here and the fishing is setting up to be hot. The water is staying up and steady. The under water cover is holding bait. The crappie and bream are bedding. Bass are eating well. Bass are still bedding too.

Bass are hitting blade baits on top and frogs. Trick worms, black and chartreuse, on the edge are really good. Slow is the answer.

Crappie are near cover. Fishing in the holes in cover is working.

Shell crackers are in cover tight. Red worms are getting a good mess of fish.

Cats are really big this year. Jug fishing is working well. Cut bait is best.

June is fast approaching, please support the Alabama Children’s Classic Bass Tournament and get registered. Lot’s of prizes and opportunities that support the kid’s while being treated .

God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam