Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: August 10, 2016  |  Lake:

Overall Rating
Medium Visibility
80-90° F

Water level 188.18 MSL
Water clarity Slight stain
Water Temperature upper 80’s
Water level is still holding steady Bass are hitting creature baits and sinko’s early in tight cover. On overcast mornings, this bite will last. When the sun gets out, the small cranks are getting bit and the deep fish are working on Carolina rigs and bigger crank bait’s worked slow.

Crappie are deep and slow due to the heat.

Pan fish are in the brush near the banks, crickets will do the trick.

Shell crackers are on some flats and worms are the trick. If you get out before the wind gets up, you can smell the fish before you get to them. Try to stay away from them so you don’t spook them when you cast, they can see you move and will get off the beds.

Cat fish are dong well. Bottom fishing with cut bait or night crawlers works. Jug fishing with cut bait is working and lot’s of fun .

Be safe in the heat , keep plenty of sun screen and water. Watch out for the afternoon storms, the lightning very dangerous.

God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam