Lake Eufaula, Alabama

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N/A° F

Lake level             188.17 msl
Later clarity          heavy stain to muddy
Water temperature      mid 60’s

The cold fronts and winds have kept the river stirred up and the fish confused. Bedding fish have been pulled off due to heavy rains up-river and the need to pump water South.

Bass are holding near rip-rap especially where you find a grass patch. Blue and black jigs with blue trailers work, Finesse worms also do a good job. Carolina rigs around deep cover with a creature bait also work.

Crappie are holding on tight cover and hitting minnows in one to three feet. As the water clears up, the trolling will get better.

Shell crackers and blue gills are beginning to hit the pink worms.

Catfish love the dirty water and the smell of cut bait carries farther. Some nice ones are being caught.

The mornings are still cold, so dress in layers and remember the sun screen.

Please visit and check out the different ways you can support the children at the hospital in Birmingham.

The fishing is going to be hot this spring, plan a trip with your family and enjoy God’s great outdoors and get some great tasting fish as a bonus.

God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam