Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: February 10, 2016  |  Lake: Lake Eufaula

Overall Rating
Low Visibility
50-60° F
Water level          187.87 msl
Water temperature    50’s
Water clarity        Muddy
The river continues to be effected by the December and January rains, now the winds are figuring into the equation. Muddy water warms up faster and the shad are getting active around the old cover areas when the sun comes out. The stems and roots from last years pad fields and cover areas are still under water.
Bass; If you see shad movement or birds feeding in these shallow areas, noisy , vibrating baits are the trick. Chatter baits, buzz baits, plastics with rattles will work. deeper fish are hanging around cover and trash piles. They need a slower presentation, Carolina rigged plastics and crank baits are a good choice. Choose a crank bait close to the size of the bait they are feeding on. A good way to find this info, check your live well after you catch a fish. Using a Carolina rig, you can get smaller, shallow running baits down deep.
Crappie; Some are being caught  in the creeks around wood and underwater cover. Red or red/yellow tubes on jigs do well in dirty water.
Catfish; Jug fishing is good with cut bait, you need to fish up in creeks so the wind will not blow your jugs all over the river.
Pan fish are waiting on spring, bank fishermen get one now and then but it is slow during cold winter weather.
Please check our and see our opportunities for you to help the families at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. The 5K walk in April 16 at Lakepoint State Park. Tickets are still on sale for the Talliflo Whitetails hunt.
Dress warm and watch the winds and rough water,Lake Eufaula can get dangerous in a hurry. Find safe refuge on a bank and call for help, the water is too cold to “go” for help.
God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam