Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: December 6, 2015  |  Lake:

Overall Rating
Low Visibility
50-60° F
Water Level          187.20 msl
Water Temperature    Mid 50’s
Water clarity        Muddy
Winter weather patterns are upon us. The recent winds and heavy rain has the river and creeks muddy. The main river is clearing out a little better. The bass are looking for warmer water and are on the drops around cover. Slow moving baits are the trick during winter patterns.
Crappie are not fond of the muddy conditions. The main river ledges around brush piles will be the first place to go as the water continues to clear up. Minnows and jigs will be the best choice.
Catfish love the muddy water. The bait scent travels better. Cut bait is the best choice. Some huge fish are coming out of Barbour and Cowikkee Creeks.
Please visit and see the new information on the deer hunt and 5K run fundraisers coming up.
Dress warm, keep plenty of water  and sunscreen while on the river. This is the time of year to hone your fishing skills, practice patience and enjoy God’s creation.
God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam