Lake Eufaula, Alabama

Report Date: November 6, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Eufaula

Overall Rating
High Visibility
60-70° F

Lake Level     189.03
Water Temp     low 70’s
Water Clarity  clear, slight stain

The water is back up and has the bass chasing shad in the grass and pad cover early. The frog bite, spinner and buzz bait are doing good very early. The deeper fish are gathering on the ledge cover and are hitting slow moving Carolina rigs and shaky heads. The fronts are changing the patterns day to day.

Crappie are on the first drops and on the deeper trash piles. Minnows on a jig head are getting a good mess for the table.

Catfish are continuing to do great on jugs baited with cut bait. Some really big ones are coming out of Barbour Creek between the causeway and the sunken barges.

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Dress appropriately for the changing weather and enjoy what God has given us to enjoy.

God Bless & Good Fishn’
Capt. Sam