Joey Nania Logan Martin Lake January Overview

Report Date: January 27, 2015  |  Lake: Logan Martin Lake

Overall Rating
Medium Visibility
40-50° F

ak1You just gotta love Logan Martin Lake. Winter, spring, summer, or fall it doesn’t matter, if you know what to look for and what techniques to use you will be able to have a great time catching fish out on the water.

February, in my opinion is a month where a day of fishing shouldn’t be measured by the quantity of fish you catch, but by the quality! Late winter/early spring fishing can sometimes be a challenge in the numbers of fish department but size is a different story.

Generally the water temperature is going to be from the mid 40’s to low 50’s which is a prime range for catching big fish. My two favorite techniques are shallow crank bait fishing, and fishing a jig.

For the past several years I have been catching big bass on a SPRO Little John MD in the Spring Craw color. This bait will catch fish year around but really shines when the water is below 55 degrees. The key to making fish eat this medium diving crank bait is making the bait dig into the bottom while you are retrieving it. It’s simple if it’s not hitting the bottom then you are not going to get bit. I like to target shallow points that consist of rock, gravel, or clay. My most productive spots are also  very close to deep water, which will generally be some sort of creek channel or river channel. I like to keep my boat in deep water casting my bait as shallow as I can get it, then I simply wind it back with my rod tip down letting it crash and dig into the bottom. The colder the water gets the slower I retrieve the bait.

The jig is another great option for winter time fishing cast the jig around rock banks, docks, or brush piles, and work it extremely slow making it crawl and wiggle down on the bottom with long pauses in between movements. Some of the biggest fish I have ever caught bit a Stanley Jig Finesse Jig in cold water.

These techniques will catch you fish weather the water is clear or dirty. Just be patient and hang on tight because a big spotted bass or largemouth might be moments away from eating your bait. For more info you can go to, or check out my new television show at

I’ll see you on the water,

Joey Nania