Guntersville Bass Guides: Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

Report Date: June 14, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
High Visibility
80-90° F

Fishing on the lake has changed this week for a me and I’m sure a bunch of you, mornings are different then the evenings and Monday was different then Sunday…..

Heres what I figured out during my week of trips, Big Worms in the grass (NetBait C-Mac 15 inches), Chatter Baits on the grass lines (Big Spanky as trailer), Fat John on Grass Lines, Little John DD On Ledge, and a good old school SPRO Dawg on top.

The big schools of bass are becoming smaller by the day and soon it will be a couple here and couple there, and with the grass growing and looking right its hard not to go fish it,  now we haven’t found them grouped up in the grass yet but its coming but in the mean time its just covering water and catching them in-between sometimes two at a time, its been great and tons of fun.

As you can see in the pics I’ve gotten to fish with all ages this week and enjoyed fishing with them all.

I have the end of June open to fish with you.

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Give Me A Call I Have Days Open To Fish With You!!!

Capt. Jim