Guntersville Bass Guides: Guntersville Fishing Report

Report Date: May 6, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
High Visibility
70-80° F

Been a Fun Week here on Guntersville even if it has more boats then I have ever seen on it (especially during the week) .

Guntersville Bass Eating SPRO Little John DD

Its still kinda spotty on things one day you can catch them big time up shallow in the grass and the next its a ghost town there so you go out deeper and get in to them and the next day you go deep and nothing so you check the grass and they are there waiting to try to rip your arm off..

Had Tommy and John with me today from 4×4 Bass Jigs and it was a even mix today we caught a few in the grass then got a few out deep on a Proto Type Bait that I think we need to call it the Shank but we will see. We did get a few on the Head Hunter as well.. Its alway fun to fish with these two and you never know what Tommy has Dreamed up to try out here. If you have not tried a 4×4 Jig you need to. These Jigs have a real hook in them not one of those little ones that get bent out by the big uns that live in Guntersville,

Stop in Guntersville Tackle and check them out.

Tommy & John

Check out Lee’s Toad! He joined me on Tuesday for a morning trip. Awesome dude that is a amazing Tattoo Artist.

Lee With His 1st Bass of the day.

When out deep 12-15ft is where most of the bass are and if you can find grass your gonna have a lot better time catching. While boats are scanning trying to finds schools of bass you need to fish grass edges that are extremely close to the main river this is where you’ll find the big bass.

When cranking these ledges with grass you need to get the right distance so when you start reeling the Little John DD its coming just in front of the grass and its gonna hit the ledge and thats when you’ll get your strike. Best Place to make this happen is Up River of Mill Creek on Pine Island Ledge .

The Pics with the Crankbait with the bass is the same bass just different angles its a true Gville Donkey and I caught all the action on video.

Don’t Forget about the SPRO CrankBait Only Tournament on May 30th

$100 entry more info

Guntersville is fishing small so far this week.

Water temp 75 and Clear like 7 feet of visibility clear

Come and Get you some Bass Palm (its like bass thumb but only better)

Capt. Jim Leary

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