Guntersville Bass Guides: Guntersville Fishing Report

Report Date: April 27, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
Medium Visibility
60-70° F

So with May just around the corner and the thoughts of off shore fishing is dancing in many of our heads. But will they GO out or will they stay in the grass?

This is a tough one to call the water temps are slowly rising and so is the new grass that is popping up all over, and this is the gras that we all are use to fishing in March ……. So with that being said I think the Bass really like the grass and so do the shad and with the shad spawn starting up river around the new growth of Milfoil and the fish acting like they are still 3 weeks behind I won’t have any urges to fish out deep till I see some changes.

We found a old spot that has some quality fish on it up by Goosepond nicknamed the Shell Bed my clients was able to catch a few good ones every day this past week they start schooling pretty early and its a lot of fun for the young and old so give it a try I think the best is still to come on that spot.

With the bass sticking to the grass we have rigged up NetBait BK SwimBaits , Big Spanky’s to swim through the grass and 15 inch C-Mac worms in Green Pumpkin and Watermelon Red. They may not be in the same old spots but they are in that grass pretty thick and if you think outside the box just a little you may run into the mother load. Don’t forget to try the new SPRO Little John XL on the deeper grass lines this thing is a killer we have had the bait for a few months now and it has had its ups and downs just like the weather we have had.. But it sure shined yesterday and it will continue to kick out some big uns..

For you tournament anglers good luck and what I mean is that the fish are not everywhere like in the past and when you find a good spot there is a good chance someone else has too and he is in a different tournament that is closer to the spot. With every ramp having at least one tournament at it on Saturday its becoming cut throat out there.


Take care everyone and see you on the water.

Capt. Jim Leary