Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6-19-16

Report Date: June 19, 2016  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
Medium Visibility
80-90° F


Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6-18-16

I experienced a big change from the beginning of the week to the end this past week, early in the week I saw a lot of good activity but as the week progressed they slowed considerably. The difference I also noticed was the intense afternoon heat really warmed the water temperature so I am sure the oxygen level in the morning to the afternoon as well as the progressing temperature over the week had lots to do with that.

One thing you can take to the bank this year is the wind has not given us much of a break just about every day there was a strong wind early in the day and getting worse as the day progressed making it tough to hang on a location in the deeper water. This has really dampened the top water bite, and then you add the floating ell grass all over the lake it just made it difficult to get any consistent top water activity; at least for me.

Although I am still working Tight-Line swim jigs rigged with Missile Bait Shock Wave swim baits, I have also done some Tight-Line jig rigged with D-Bombs trying to let that bait sit on the bottom and slowly retrieving it back for a slow presentation. Big worms, Picasso Chatter baits and SPRO crank baits round out my bait choices this past week. Come fish with me no one will treat you better.

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Capt. Mike Gerry