Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 10-11-15

Report Date: October 11, 2015  |  Lake:

Overall Rating
High Visibility
70-80° F

mike 10-10-1

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 10/11/15

Its tough fishing that is all I can say, the lake is slow, there are an enormous amount of fisherman on the lake and you have to work hard to get bites. It’s for sure fishing tough, as the grass is still very thick in many spots, and the fish are just not moving out from under the thick grass especially in the strong sunlight days. Sure you can get bites but you just cannot afford to miss them, as misses right now cost you dearly.

If you want more bites you really have to down size your baits, go light in weight, go small in profile, work the bait slowly and you will get more bites. This will get you more opportunities but this will be in most case small fish. If you want the bigger bites stay with your SPRO frog over the grass find the open holes, the bream popping the surface and stick with it. It won’t give you 20 or 30 fish a day, but it will get you opportunities at some bigger fish.

Patience, understanding and persistence are the key, staying focused so you don’t miss your bites and be diligent. Fishing is a great way to get your mind off your daily duties focusing while on the water is sometimes tough to do but in the long run you can have a great day on the water if you’re committed.

I have days and guides available to fish with you; no one will treat you better!

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Captain Mike Gerry