Fishing Report for Lake Guntersville, AL 7-30-15

Report Date: July 30, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
High Visibility
80-90° F


The flipping bite is the way to go right now and has been over the past few weeks. We are covering a lot of water doing this and sticking it out is key. We have some really slow times and it will get to feeling like you are beating a dead horse but it makes it all worth while when you hit that group and put 20 lbs in the boat in a short amount of time. We have hit groups here lately where we have caught as many as 15 fish in 20 or 30 min. Current as always helps and without it things can get tough. Big jigs are all we need right now and it is the only bait we can fish all day and it will happen. On Sunday we fished from 4 pm until dark and boated around 15 fish. On Monday we fished from 6 till around 11 and the bite was extremely tough and the lack of current didn’t help. We only boated 6 fish with the biggest being around 6 lbs. On Tuesday we fished all day and the current was moving pretty good and we had 30 to 35 bites and our best 5 went 22 to 24 lbs. I had yesterday off and it was yard work day and today I figured I would put up a report and then head out to check out some more of an area that was hot on Tueday.
I have days open if anyone wants to get out and do some flipping.
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