Donald Johnson Fishing – Lake Guntersville 6/25/15

Report Date: June 25, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
High Visibility
80-90° F

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Was it hot out there today or what? Well we endured the heat and managed to catch some good ones. This morning my clients were a husband and wife who came up to catch some big fish and we did just that. We fished the usual, shell beds in 12 to 25 feet of water and you guessed it, we caught them on Killer Bass Baits Football Jig in J-Craw color.
This evening I fished with a gentleman that wanted some help on electronics set up and interpretation of what he was seeing on the screen. After getting his units dialed in we couldn’t help but throw on a few that we seen on the screen. Again it was shell beds and jigs that done the deed.
Electronics set up and demonstration in your boat or mine. Do you know what your electronics are showing you? You paid a lot of money for those units. What’s a little more to learn how to utilize them to their fullest potential?


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