Alabama Bass Guide – Pickwick & Wilson

Report Date: October 21, 2016  |  Lake: Pickwick Lake

Overall Rating
High Visibility
70-80° F

Alabama Bass Guide

Capt. Ryan Salzman


Fishing Wilson Lake

Well from reports we have heard around the ramp is that Pickwick Lake has been pretty tough… Well is showed out pretty well for us. We had a few pre tournament trips this week and found that if you were persistent it payed off. First off the morning we were able to land 3 solid fish on topwater then took off our hooks to see where we could get bit at. We had an opportunity at a solid 18lb bag with the other fish that hit our hookless topwater.

Patterns we found around the lake were a Trixie Shark around edges of the grass, beaver around the grass edges, and a spook around the grass edges. The lake has drawn down a significant amount so literally all of the fish have been pulled to the edges of the grass. You will see them schooling intermittently along grass edges running shad. The huge schooling wave on Pickwick hasn’t started as far as I can see but this cold front should jump start it.

This part of the report is for Wilson Lake! Had a pre tournament trip and a fun fish catching trip this week on Wilson. The water temperature is 75 and after this cold front I expect it to be in the upper 60’s. The fall bait migration is in full swing, and there are hoards of bait making their way to the backs of pockets and creeks. The lake can be tough until you find the feeding fish! We caught around 15 on the pre tournament trip and scouted several areas. On the fun fishing trip we caught 50 fish or so on True Bass Swimbaits reeled on or just under the surface, spooks, and flukes! The fishing will continue to improve as the water cools down.

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Fall Fishing Pickwick