Guntersville Bass Guides: Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

Report Date: February 8, 2015  |  Lake: Lake Guntersville

Overall Rating
High Visibility
40-50° F

This report is for this past week.

3 that went 21-11 lbs

With the 1st FLW BFL on Lake Guntersville on Saturday I hit the lake every day searching for the winning bag of fish. Some days it made sense and some days it was like hitting your head on a wall until you got a clue. I will say this I caught more 7+ lb bass this week then I ever have before. Not all spots are the same for a example my spots up river i needed to Yo YO a Aruku 65 in 9 ft of water and that would get you dozen 3 pounders and mid lake I had to rip a Aruku 75 out of the grass in 12 ft of water and that wasn’t a lot of bites but they all where good ones, and lower end just had to burn a Aruku 75 on grass lines in 10ft of water and win you found one you found many more with in 20 yards.

So yes I really thought I had a chance to do well in the BFL.. Either my decision making was little rusty or I was to stubborn any way the 1st spot yielded me and my Co Angler a double the 1st 10 mins a 4 & 3 pounders and 2 hours later we picked up two more 3 pounders and thats all we did. We all have them kinda days mine was Saturday. But my partner Cameron Gautney Tore them up on Saturday with just over 24lbs to take 5th and his co angler won with 3 fish for 19lbs Congrats to them both.

Check out these Toads from last week on Lake Guntersville.

Such a great week of fishing even if mother nature was not so nice but these Guntersville Bass just love the nasty weather..

Capt. Jim Leary
Guntersville Bass Guides

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