Greg Vinson: Late Summer Patterns for the Alabama River

Although the Alabama River above Jones Bluff Lock and Dam is connected to the Coosa River reservoirs, it fishes differently. The water color of the Alabama River is more stained when compared to some of the reservoirs upstream. This serves as an advantage for the angler because the fish can be caught relatively shallow throughout the year. Tournaments on the Alabama River are often won with mixed bags of largemouth and spots because they can be caught in the same places during the late summer.

As with many of the reservoirs in Alabama, current is a key ingredient to finding aggressive bass. Look for visible and underwater points that catch the flow of the current. Typically the fish will position at an ambush point where the speed of the water changes. Crankbaits like the Bandit 250 in chartreuse or shad patterns match the size of the baitfish at this time of year and cover the 6-14 ft. range effectively. Black and blue jigs and green pumpkin jigs with matching Netbait Paca Chunk trailers are very good for targeting the many stumps and laydowns on the river as well.

Greg Vinson
Bassmaster Elite Series Pro

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