Greg Vinson: Late Summer Patterns for Lake Jordan

Lake Jordan is the last reservoir on the Coosa River chain of lakes. Fishing a reservoir on the Coosa River gives you the option of targeting either largemouth or the famed “Coosa Spots”. The largemouth bass on Lake Jordan typically relate to the water willow grass that lines the banks throughout  the reservoir. To catch these fish during the late summer, target grassbeds that have more shade during the day and that have deeper water close by. Swimming jigs like the Netbait Paca Swim or frogs work well in the grass early. As the sun moves overhead, flipping becomes a more dependable pattern. Neutral colors like green pumpkin or watermelon red are always solid choices.

Lake Jordan is well known for its big spotted bass. Because Jordan has a hydroelectric dam, current moves through the lake when Alabama Power generates power through the dam. Current is very important in determining the major feeding periods for the spotted bass. With that in mind, focus on visible and underwater points near the main river channel. Bandit Ledge 250 crankbaits in shad and chartreuse patterns are very dependable when the water is moving. When all else fails, shaky heads will produce nice spotted bass on Lake Jordan at any time of the year.

Greg Vinson
Bassmaster Elite Series Pro

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