Spotted Bass

These scrappy little fish with bright orange eyes love rocky shorelines and coves. Although they rarely exceed three or four pounds, spots will put up a fight just like a little largemouth.

Other Names: Kentucky bass, linesides1, spots, and Alabama bass

Characteristics: The spotted bass is a slender fish with black blotches along the middle of the body; with age, these join to form an irregular band. Spots have a large mouth, the upper jaw extending almost to the rear margin of the eye. A rectangular tooth patch on the tongue distinguishes these species from largemouth bass. The eyes are usually reddish, but not as bright as those of redeye bass.

Adult Size: 12 to 17 in (300 to 432 mm)

Distribution: Spotted bass are native throughout Alabama with the possible exception of the Apalachicola River Basin. The Alabama bass is only found in the upper Mobile basin.

Habitat and Biology: Spotted bass usually occur around aquatic vegetation, submerged logs, and rock or riprap walls in small to large flowing streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Spawning occurs in April and May, often in the mouths of tributary streams. The male guards the nest until the fry have hatched. Food items include small fishes, crayfishes, and aquatic insects.

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