Largemouth Bass

The Official “Alabama State Freshwater Fish”

Other names: bigmouth bass, bucketmouth bass, openmouth bass, hog, hawg, lineside, bigmouth trout, green trout, pond trout, lake trout, chub, greenbass, Oswego bass, and Welshman¹

Characteristics: The largemouth bass is a heavy-bodied fish with 56 to 70 lateral line scales and a large mouth, with the upper jaw usually extending past the rear margin of the eye. The tongue lacks teeth.

Adult Size: 12 to 30 inches (300 to 762 mm)

Habitat and Biology: Largemouth bass are more tolerant of turbidity and slack current than are other Micropterus species. Spawning occurs from April to late May, when water temperatures reach 63º to 68ºF (17º to 20ºC).

Largemouth bass prey upon bluegills and redear sunfish in stocked ponds and upon shad, minnows, smaller sunfishes, crayfishes, and amphibians in natural habitats. Studies by biologists for the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division indicate an average life span of 10 to 12 years in Alabama.

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