Fall Techniques for Catching Bass

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One of the great things about fishing in the fall is the variety of patterns you can use to catch fish. There are so many different techniques that work in the fall that you can choose your pattern and most times have some very successful days. The key is making some basic observations and putting your pattern to work.

Activity from bait fish generally lead to a catching fish in the fall, if you pull up to an area and the bait fish are active or there being pushed by feeding bass you have great chance of being successful. The technique you decide on at that point is pretty wide open! When the fish are feeding there are so many different techniques that work that the choice is yours. If you’re a top water fisherman, then have at it; if you like pulling crank baits, that would work also. The important thing is that in the fall the bass are always active and how you catch them is your decision. Bass will feed for a couple of months, just about all day long this time of year and you can put your favorite lure to work and catch fish!

I’ve started the day many times fishing top water in the fall, and seen it be successful from daylight to dark; I’ve also used crank baits, or spinner baits and had the same results. Fall fishing is always easy and it gives you a chance to fish your preferred pattern and anytime you’re fishing what you like the best your confidence is high and that makes you successful on the water.

Lastly if you are blessed with a young child that is learning to fish and has limited skills the fall provides a great time of year to get him or her to the lake. Generally in the fall the spring spawn small fish show up all over the lake feeding and hitting anything and everything. Nothing turns a young person on to fishing better than catching and the fall is a great time to catch them and make your young person smile!

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