Coosa Tips: Lay, Logan Martin & Neely Henry

All three of these great lakes offer the famous Coosa river grass, more commonly known as water willow. This is the grass that the big largemouth love, and also the best pattern to look for on these great impoundments.

Lay Lake has a maintained water level which makes the water willow grow abundantly and when targeting largemouth, swim jigs and flipping plastics is the way to go for the big ones.

Lay also offers great spotted bass fishing as well and it has a great river environment to find the big Coosa spots. The shaky head worm has been the big technique for many years and many big spots have been caught on the finesse worm.

Logan Martin Lake has to be my favorite on the Coosa chain and it’s probably the best kept secret in the great fishing state of AL! Logan unlike Lay, has a fluctuating water level which makes the grass fishing only good for a short period of time, April-September. The rest of the year offers some of the greatest crank bait fishing anywhere, especially if you like fishing ten feet or less. It’s one of the only lakes I’ve ever fished that you can catch a 4 pound spot on one cast and a 4 pound largemouth on the next on either end of the lake!

I can usually always catch good numbers of fish by targeting main lake points and pockets with shallow 4-8 ft running cranks in shad colors.

Neely Henry Lake also offers a good mixed bag of fish and offers a pretty stable water level like Lay.

It fishes more like a river than any of the other two lakes. It also offers some great swim jig fishing in the Coosa river grass during most of the year and the grass fishing on the lower end of the lake around Canoe creek is always dynamite!

Flipping jigs and plastics up river is also a good pattern with the many rock bluffs and fallen trees lining the river banks. Current flow generated from the Dams on the Coosa play a big part in fish activity and Alabama power helps make it possible to plan the best trip by calling 1-800-lakes11 and follow the prompts for your desired lake. This always helps me know if the activity will be better up river or down lake due to the amount of current that will flow that day.

All three lakes are very unique and different and whichever Coosa river impoundment you choose to try, you will not be disappointed.

Randy Howell
Bassmaster Elite Pro

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